EquiGen will be your partner in looking for your dream home here in Belgium. There are a lot of choices for you. You can rent townhouses, apartments, or condo units, perhaps. In rural areas, there are affordable spaces that are near to important amenities. We can also help you look for real estate properties where you can build your own house.





We will also bring you to your dream career. Belgium offers you a lot of job opportunities. We will help you find a job that is perfect for your skills and interests. The most in-demand laborers are in the fields of engineering, computing, and public affairs. Jobs are open for EU and non-EU nationals.


EquiGen is open to partners and collaborators who share the same values and objectives with us. Our primary goal is to help expatriates here in Belgium. As your partner, we promise to increase the visibility of your business and establish your online presence.

Our partners can also avail of our advertising services. Our solutions are as follows:

Display Advertising

You can display the logo of your business here on our website. Apart from the logo, we also accept texts, images, flash, audios, and videos. The sizes of our display ads vary. These ads will be automatically optimized for desktop and mobile use. If you want to know more about this, feel free to reach us through our contact page.

Sponsored Newsletter

You can also sponsor our newsletters that are sent to our mailing list composed of over 100,000 expats in Belgium. Each newsletter is customizable, depending on the mailing campaign you want. Rest assured, your business will be adequately showcased in our newsletters.

Event Partners

As one of the leading online communities, EquiGen conducts seminars, conferences, and other activities participated by expats. You can be our event partner and sponsor the essentials of the event. Last year, we conducted 20+ events participated by over 100,000 expats. With this reach, we wish to increase the expats’ awareness of your business.