My name is George Z and I am general manager for the Hennessey Arabian, LLC. in Ocala, Florida. I've been working in the Arabian industry for over 30 years in the United States and in Europe. I learn about Equigen from a friend and started to use their services. If I had only one word to describe Dr. Meisenburg's and Heather Greaves' services I would say PROFESSIONALISM. They know, they help, they try extra hard. We had a difficult mare for ET procedure and because of Equigen's team work and expertise we flushed 3 embryos out of her. I would recommend their services (and I do) to all people seriously thinking about breeding.

George Z, Ocala, FL

A top notch equine reproduction facility. Dr. Vickie Meisenburg and Heather Greaves are very knowledgeable and provide excellent care and service to the mares and stallions. A great main facility and well built barns and paddocks for the mares. That they offer traditional Chinese veterinary medicine (TCVM) is the icing on the cake and may be the difference between an infertile mare and a baby on the ground! I highly recommend their services and am a happy returning customer.

Martha Moore, Jacksonville, FL

Top notch facility and I can highly recommend . After 5 unsuccessful breeding attempts in Atlanta, I brought my teenage warmblood mare down to Florida and they got her in foal on their first try as well as as successful embryo transfer, FIRST try. Dr. Vickie and Heather developed a plan to treat her using traditional chinese medicine in advance of the breeding and then when it came time to breed, she was a healthier horse overall. I believe that lead to our success. And of course, their quality recipient mare Maggie. Could not have done it without her too! I would not waste time and money going to anyone else when trying to breed a problem mare. My resulting super foal will be here in about two weeks and I cannot wait.

Heidi Caldwell, Newnan, GA

"Thanks to EquiGen Zarina delivered a healthy and spunky little filly "Antonella" on February 26, 2008 . EquiGen came highly recommended by two other Friesian breeders and I don't regret making the 5 hour journey to have my mare bred at your facility. Considering all the expenses involved in breeding, it was the smartest decision I could make. Due to EquiGen's extensive experience, knowledge and attentiveness to Zarina, she took on first try. But more than anything I can't thank EquiGen enough for making me feel comfortable to address any questions or concerns I had (and there were plenty as a first-time breeder) - before as well as months after my mare was bred. E-mails or phone calls were always returned in no time. I appreciate your honesty and common-sense approach to breeding and overall well-being of horses, which is much harder to find with vets these days.

I'm undoubtedly recommending EquiGen to all my horse friends that are breeding since I couldn't have asked for a better first-time breeding experience.

Thank you Dr. Meisenburg and Heather!!
Antonella, Zarina and Nadine Kothe in Naples , FL

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